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The beauty and benefits of natural clay plaster

Clay plaster is an ancient construction material, which has been used as a decorative finish in many types of buildings for thousands of years. Unlike common gypsum plaster, it is composed of 100% natural materials and has many benefits for the health and wellbeing of your family. Nowadays, clay plasters come in many different colours and finishes and can be easily applied to a variety of wall and ceiling surfaces.

Applying plaster on the wall using a trowel
We have listed below 10 reasons why you should be using clay plaster in your next renovation project:

1. Beautiful

It is a beautiful material available in many different finishes, textures and colours. This allows you to be very creative when decorating your space. You can combine colours in geometric patterns, create marble and concrete effects and bespoke reliefs with the design of your choice.

Beautiful and contemporary natural clay plaster finishes

2. Natural

Natural clay plaster, as the name says, is composed of 100% natural materials; mainly natural sands, clays and fibres. It is coloured using natural oxides and mineral pigments and contains no chemical additives.

3. Regulates temperature and humidity

Clay surfaces are very good for temperature regulation; remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. They are breathable and excellent at absorbing and eliminating excessive moisture from your home. This will contribute to the reduction of dampness and mould. .It is particularly beneficial to use them in bathrooms and kitchens due to the high amount of water vapour produced in these spaces. However, they should not be used in areas with direct contact with water such as splashbacks and sections of wall around baths/showers.

4. Non-toxic

Because it is a natural material with no chemical additives it will not cause respiratory or other health problems for your family. Unlike traditional plaster walls which also require paint, these are finished materials that do not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other toxins.

5. Absorbs odours and toxins

In addition to not releasing any toxins, clay is a very good odour and toxin absorber. It will absorb VOCs released from your composite wood and cleaning products as well as bathroom and kitchen undesirable odours.

6. Flexible

Natural clay plasters are very flexible due to their fibre content and can accommodate regular movement and expansion of the building structure with little risk of cracks.

7. Anti-static

Clay plasters are anti-static and can screen electromagnetic radiation from computers, televisions and other home appliances. It produces negative ions that reduce the static effect that attaches dust to the walls.

8. Durable and easy to maintain and repair

It is a very strong and durable material that is easy to maintain, as it naturally does not accumulate dust. However, if there is any damage/chipping to the wall you can just fill any holes with the same plaster you originally used and even out the surface.

9. Recyclable and compostable

If you ever decide to change your decoration completely and remove your natural clay plaster it can be recycled and reused. You just need to break it down, rehydrate it and it will be ready to use again. Alternatively, if you decide that you don’t want to reuse it, you can compost it or just spread it over soil with no damage to the environment, as it is 100% biodegradable.

10. Low embodied energy and carbon

Natural clay plaster uses non-fired clay, which is an abundant natural resource. Unlike other types of plaster, it does not contain any resins or other chemical components that require a great amount of energy to be produced. However, it is important to source it locally to reduce emissions from transportation.

As you can see, natural clay plaster brings many benefits to your home. Its naturally beautiful look and properties provide you with a healthy, pleasant and cosy environment. It is important to bear in mind that they take a bit longer to dry than other types of plaster and may need the application of a natural primer to prepare the surface. Take that into consideration in your next refurbishment project, enjoy the benefits of clay plaster and Green it yourself…Now!


Have you used natural clay plaster in your home? Do you know of any other benefits of it? Tell us about your experience or ask any questions below!

Image sources: image 2 Clayworks

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