We are passionate about buildings, nature and human beings, and we believe these three elements should be working in harmony!

Our mission is to raise awareness, educate and connect people for the construction of new sustainable homes and the improvement of existing ones. We aim to help you achieve the sustainable home you have always dreamed of! We will show you how to give your contribution to the environment with little and big step changes in your home and household habits every day!

Here you are going to find many simple solutions to make your home more efficient and how to Green It Yourself…Now!


Juliana Renn

Architect and Sustainable Design Specialist, she loves to design and talk about green buildings! Here she will explain in a simple way how buildings work and what you can do to make your home more sustainable. Welcome! Follow me on Twitter @arquiharmonica

Bruna Moreira_GIY_Now


Bruna Carty

International Business Specialist, she is passionate about finding simple solutions to world-scale concerns, such as climate change effects. Here she will explain how green building and small adaptations in your home can help our planet. Welcome! Follow me on Twitter @BrunaMoreira87

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