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Don’t Throw Away Your Old Wellies – 5 Plant Pot Transformations

Guest post by Will Tottle

Recycling and reusing are great ways to reduce the amount of waste we create and to reduce our impact on the environment. As a plus, you can use your creativity to transform your waste into new, useful and exciting items. Most of the objects we throw away can be reused and welly boots are a good example. Once you decide your wellies are not fit for wearing anymore, you can still find many other uses for them (even if they have a little tear or leak) to prevent them from going straight to a landfill. One of these things is turning them into unique and fun looking plant pots to start gardening at home and even grow your own food. This guide will take you through five of these fantastic plant pot transformations. Take a look below.

Hanging Baskets

Everyone has a generic hanging basket, and old welly boots make a fantastic alternative to the traditional look. If you paint them in vibrant colours, they can really add a little something to your garden. Fill them with beautiful flowers and hang them up around the outside of your house. Many people choose to hang them by the front door for extra appeal.

blue welly boot hanging on a wood gate wall with flowers inside

Plant Pots

You can use your old wellies as regular plant pots for your garden as well. Painted or left plain, they are great for new plants to grow in and give your garden a lovely aesthetic appeal. Any holes or tears in the boot will finally be useful as they create drainage for the plants. In fact, you may even need to create more in the sole to guarantee proper drainage. You can place them anywhere in your garden and they will still look great – plus, they are being reused and by doing this you are being kind to the environment.

girl holds beautiful flowers in red welly boots against spring background

Garden Gate Welcome Sign

A very sweet idea is to get a pair of wellies from every family member (including children if you have any) and hang them from the garden gate as a little welcome sign. You can paint words or pictures on them, and it allows you to have fun with the overall design. Plus, they look incredibly sweet with plants or vegetables growing inside them. It really spruces up the garden and adds a personal touch.

Old children rubber boots with blooming summer flowers on the entrance door of a house
Old children rubber boots with blooming summer flowers on an entrance door

Perfect Plant Pot Presents

Reused wellies also make the perfect gift for those who love gardening. Spruce up an old pair of wellies and plant some lovely flowers in them. Tie a ribbon around the two boots so they are wonderfully presented and ready for you to give as a lovely gift. It’s a great way to recycle and could encourage others to do the same once they see your wonderful designs.

Rain boots with ribbon, fresh tulips and easter eggs on wood background

Fairy Gardens

By using several different old wellies, and then cutting them up before attaching them to each other, you could recreate a classic fairy garden. Recreating a traditional clay pot fairy garden with wellies is a way to green up your act while making an aesthetically pleasing space for you and your family to enjoy. Plus, they are yours to design however you please.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas when it comes to reusing your welly boots in the garden. Plant pots made from wellies not only look great, but also by making them you reduce your impact on the environment as less material will go to landfill. Plus, you could even inspire others to do the same when they see how great your garden looks. Be creative and Green It Yourself… Now!

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giynow guest will tottle welly bootsWill is a freelance writer, he writes about health, home improvement and other interesting topics on his personal blog. He also writes guides about wellies, outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories at wonderfulwellies.

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