What is a Green Home? And how can I achieve it right now?

You have probably heard about sustainable homes and got amazed with all their features. Maybe you would really like your home to be like that but see it as a faraway, too expensive dream or you just don’t really know where to start.

Green Home Label


A green home is a home that is energy  and water efficient, produces less waste and uses eco-friendly materials; a home that is comfortable for your family and harmonic with the planet.

Energy efficiency means spending less energy to get the same performance or results instead of reducing the activities and processes that use energy. This can be achieved by cutting out on wasted energy or adding some innovations to your home.

As an example, replacing incandescent lamps for compact fluorescent or LED lamps in your house will give you the same amount of light while saving you a considerable amount of money on energy bills – and you don’t even need to change your usage habits! Small substitutions and the installation of simple devices, like curtains and insulating components can make your house hugely efficient in terms of energy and save you money on bills. There are also a handful of innovations that you can implement now in your house, like substitution of energy consuming devices for more efficient ones or installing solar cells.

Water efficiency is about using water resources in a smart way by creating habits around the house and using water-saving technologies to guarantee that the amount of water used for a particular purpose is not greater than needed. Examples include using low flow taps, dual flush toilets or the simple act of spending less time in the shower. It could even include innovative solutions such as collecting rainwater and using the water from your shower and sink to flush the toilet!

Green homes are also resource-efficient on their construction, refurbishment and daily activities. A minimal amount of waste is brought into the home, materials are reused, properly separated and recycled. You can take simple actions to reduce waste in your home like buying items with minimal packaging, reusing boxes, composting your food waste and reusing materials when you renovate your home.



Other important features of green homes are the materials they are made of and the furniture that goes inside of them. They are made of local and renewable materials, which are strong and durable, so minimal repair or replacement is needed, and less energy is spent on their transportation. There are many options of sustainable materials such as using timber from responsibly managed forests and furniture made of bamboo, which grows so rapidly that it can easily be replenished.

Besides the financial advantages of a green home, there are many other considerable ones, not only for individuals and families but also for the whole society. Sustainable buildings create a more comfortable and healthy environment for its occupants and are in harmony with nature.

Here you are going to find many simple solutions to make your home more efficient and how to Green It Yourself…Now!


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